Current History (Most recent changes at top)

20 December 2004 - changed layout of main page.

Ancient History:
16th August 2002 - there have been more updates inbetween, but mostly relating to the game in terms of Game history etc. Today the site was re-organised, and moved yet again to a new host - this time one through my own ADSL ISP - Pipex. This is likely to be it's resting place for the foreseable future!

14th March 2002 - This site has been "in development" for a long long time. It has been hosted by several different locations, starting on freeserve, moving to fortunecity, then via 50megs, then via YahooGeocities to it's current resting place - "Easyspace". It has also been through a number of stages of development - most of which have not been documented. This history is thus VERY rough...

Sometime in April 2000 I started running the NJ campaign. I wanted a web-site, and made a link from my original home web-site to the YahooGroups site for the game (or egroups) as it was known back then. Eventually, I decided the egroups site was too cumbersome, and I set up on freeserve. Most of the data on the site hasn't actually changed since then! What has changed a lot is the methods by which you get to the information.

I have experimented with navigation bars, drop down menus and the like, and usually due to limitations on the hosting web server, have had differing levels of luck in getting them to work.

So, in the current flavour of my web-site, (14th March 2002) I have 2 drop down menus which should in theory provide easy access to the information - I have a suspicion that they don't work very well on the Mac platform, but they seem to work OK on the PC.