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Welcome to the Northern Journey (NJ) Campaign, as run by Matthew Fenn. Many thanks go to the Northern JourneyProject Team for all their efforts over the years in making this an absorbing and detailed campaign. In the pages that appear on this site, I endeavour to provide a reference of "commonly known" background information for my players (and other players of other campaigns if they want), as well as provide a history of the game as it unfolds.

Where appropriate, I will put the following icon as a warning of possible "spoiler" information, so that the link can be avoided by players of other NJ campaigns.

Note, it is worth mentioning that I currently run two Northern Journey campaigns - one over the web as a PBeM, and one face to face. Most of this site is open (via the links to the left) to players of either of these two campaigns, but there are a couple of sections which I have partitioned off as separate - one for each of the two groups.

Use the links below to get to the pages relevant only to those player groups.:

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