Regional Coinage

Coinage varies wildly across the realms, but generally speaking are approximately the same weights and metals. In the north, they are generally referred to as follows: There are exceptions - Luskan is one - see below.

The North
Copper: Nib/Thumb
Silver: Shard
Electrum: Moon
Gold: Dragon
Platinum: Sun

Nib (half-copper)
2 Nibs = a Thumb (copper piece)
20 Nibs / 10 Thumbs = 1 Shard (silver piece)
100 Nibs / 50 Thumbs / 5 Shards = 1 Moon (Electrum Piece)
200 Nibs / 100 Thumbs / 10 Shards = 1 Dragon (gold piece)
1000 Nibs / 500 Thumbs / 50 Shards / 5 Dragons = 1 Sun (platinum piece)

In other areas of the world, these coins are known differently. For example, in Cormyr, the Silver is known as a Falcon.

In Waterdeep, there is another coin, a "Toal" which is worth two Dragons (2GP), but is typically only accepted in Waterdeep.

Most coins used in the north, in particular within the loose collection of cities and towns known as "Luruar", are minted in Citadel Adbar and in Mithral Hall. Coins from Citadel Adbar show the Dethek Rune a. Coins from Mithral Hall show the Dethek Rune m.

The blue, cresent shaped Electrum Moon, traditional in Silverymoon, also is minted now in the dwarven halls of Luruar. It is worth 2 electrum in Silverymoon, but only one elsewhere in the North. The other major currency in Silverymoon is a larger, round coin called the "eclipsed moon;" - they stamp the shining blue crescent of an electrum moon together with a darker silver wedge to complete a round coin, and it is worth 5 electrum pieces in the city and 2 electrum pieces outside the city. This is also minted by the dwarves.

All coins bear the symbol of a unicorn and the name Luruar in common and Dethek (luruar). Only the largest currency unit, the iron bar, is minted elsewhere, in Mirabar.

The member states and cities of Luruar are Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Deadsnows, Everlund., Jalanthar, Mithral Hall, Quaervarr, Silverymoon, Sundabar.

Copper: Darb*
Silver: Stengk*
Electrum: none
Gold: Zard*
Platinum: none

Nesmé, Longsaddle, Triboar, Yartar And also most of the other cities and villages of the North use and accept coinage from Waterdeep, Luruar and the old half moons from Silverymoon as well as Mirabar's iron bars. Coins from Luskan on the other hand, are generally not that welcome.