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Lucretia's Diary

Yvandel's Journal
Milo's Notes
Serena's Ponderings

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Information Specific to the Northern Journey PBeM Group of Players
Current location: In the Moonwood
1) Picture of the Sigyls
2) Alustriel's Magic Map (carried by Yvandel) (Updated: [an error occurred while processing this directive] )
(NOTE - you may need to do a CTRL-Refresh to view this)
3) Luc's List of Monster Parts (given to him by Xara Tantlor of the Silver Scroll)
4) Milo's List of Herbs

5) Standard Watch Rota

1st Herod, Cleo and Merrell
2nd Milo, Ceely, Dorn and Blondung
3rd Vaslin, Lucretia, Larz and Yvandel

Current BattleMap: (Click on it to get larger version) (Note - this is a big image, so make sure your browser isn't set to resize images...)