Welcome to the Northern Journey Campaign

Welcome to the Northern Journey (NJ) Campaign, as run by Matthew. Many thanks go to the Northern Journey Project Team for all their efforts over the years in making this an absorbing and detailed campaign. In the pages that appear on this site, I endeavour to provide a reference of "commonly known" background information for my players (and other players of other campaigns if they want), as well as provide a history of the game as it unfolds.

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January 7th, 2010 by Matthew
Well, as you can tell, my web-site has a new look again! I've decided to do away with the old stone back-ground and go for something simpler. I do quite like the new menu system however on the left. I may make more of an effort to keep this updated in future. Especially with updates on the progress of the games. The most recent update in the PbEM game is in the city of Sundabar - one of the group has gone off alone, much to the alarm of the others. s


November 12th, 2009 by Matthew
I guess I don't update this front page very often. In fact, since the PBeM game moved to RPOL - this web-site as a whole hasn't been getting the attention it should. I think perhaps I should rectify that!. Shame the blog never worked - didn't help that I forgot the password to edit it! Think I need to start afresh on that at some point...


April 19th, 2007 by Matthew
Woohoo! Just reached the 7th anniversary of the PBeM game! Half way through Module 2... Hmmm... With any luck, I won't die of old age before the game finishes! I'm also using this time to do a bit of a refresh to this web-site, adding in additional maps and reorganising the structure a little bit. Thanks to Ron (aka ex-Vaslin!) for helping me out with a bit of Java Script to display the "map path" properly on the heading of each map page. Over time I intend to add further maps, filling some of the blank areas, and eventually, I will add in more pages for all the various towns and key locations... The Search facility on the left is a good way to look for stuff if you don't know where to find it. Eventually, I will add in "map links" back from the various Place web pages... that way you can search for a place, then find the map that it is on. But that may take a while so don't hold your breath!

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